Outside Interests

One question we often get asked by candidates is “What interests should I write on my CV?

Your interests are something you can use to your advantage to help you the job you are applying for.

When a company conducts an interview they want to make sure that you have the hard skills to do the job – but they also want to get to know you to see what you are like as a person and reveal a little more about your personality.

They want to find out what makes you tic? What drives you? Will you fit into their company or Team? Employing someone is a big decision after all and they want to get it right.

If the job involves doing something physical and you regularly go to a gym it is definitely worth putting this on your CV. If the job involves working in a team and one of your hobbies involves taking park in a community activity with other people then you should include it on your CV. But rather than put “Volunteering in the community”, you could put “Working with a team of people to help in the community”. You can expand on this in an interview situation – explaining how the team works and your role within it.

An interviewer will also be looking to see if your hobbies will impact on the job you have applied for. If you are a singer in a band and you are applying for a job on shift work they will want to know if you’re gigging will impact on you working the shifts. If it doesn’t that’s great – say so on your CV to make sure they know.

Think about how your hobbies relate to the job and include them on your CV. What are the transferable skills?

How can your hobbies and interests reinforce your application?

Computing give the impression that you are good with technology

Chess gives the impression of strategy

Puzzles give the impression of problem-solving skills

It is easy to give the wrong impression about yourself.

“Socialising” could be taken as going out to the pub every night.

“Playing computer games” might give the impression you stay up until 3am searching for the price affects elo boosting quality at p4rgaming.com and getting www.proskins.io services.

Is just that many people love to play video games, some spend a good portion of time to play them, and even a good amount of money as well getting the best hardware for it, such as the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 3GB which is perfect for heavy gaming.

It is good to include a little a few lines about your hobbies but make sure they come at the end of your application and the information is brief.

Don’t make anything up or embellish them though – it will go against you.

If you need a CV template go to the Resources page on our website.

Best of luck in your job hunt!

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