Aston Martin and local suppliers

Did you know that Aston Martin are looking for new local suppliers?

According to the Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce the growth of Aston Martin is having a positive knock on effect on the local economy.

Apparently they are investing £500 million and are planning on bringing out a new model every nine months for the next 3 years. To credit Aston Martin they do invest in local business. If you are a local engineering company it must be worth getting your business development people to contact them.

This however will no doubt add to the shortage of skilled engineers in the area.

In the “good old days” a company could call on skilled engineers at the drop of a hat. Almost every engineering company had an apprenticeship training scheme of some kind and there were hundreds of highly skilled engineers in the area. If you wanted a Tool Maker, skilled Miller or Turner etc you could just ask your own work force and someone would probably know someone who could do the job.

These days however it is an entirely different scenario. Growth such as Aston Martin’s and their supply chain could easily be hampered by a chronic lack of skilled engineering.

Many companies have taken on skilled EU workers but this supply of skilled migrant labour may not continue for long. Graduate Engineers are in short supply and although engineering apprenticeship schemes have increased there is nowhere near the amount of young engineers entering the industry.

Apparently “1.8m engineers and technically qualified people are needed by 2025.” According to research done by Engineering UK.

Rugby Recruitment has supplied engineers to local companies since 1988. If you are looking for a skilled engineer for you company we can help.

The more information you give us the better chance we have finding someone for you.

Working hours, salary, jobs skilled are all obvious but if you let us the type of materials they will be working with, the name of the machine, what tolerances they will be working to, the software, etc are all details that will help us find someone for you.

If we can come and meet you to look at your manufacturing process and get a real insight into how your company operates it helps us find someone. When we interview a prospective candidate and we can explain everything we know about your company it helps us find you the right candidate and “sell” the job to them.  Lets face it, if you were looking for a new job would you apply for it unless you have all the information available?

If you are looking to recruit an engineer for your company give us a call today to discuss how we can help you. You never know, we might both end up supplying Austin Martin directly or indirectly.