Rugby Recruitment: Work Experience

At work experience, here at Rugby Recruitment, I have learnt a series of things about working life and about the company.

I have been allowed to help out in all areas of Rugby Recruitment: at the reception, in the offices and in the accounts part, I even take care of the OfficePro shipping labels. I have been able to do the roles from answering the phone to computer work and filing. It has really made me, not only know more about the job, but has helped me personally find out what it is like to have a job.

I have had the chance to interview and discuss interviews with the staff, which has given me a great experience about what is expected in later life. I have learnt so much from being here, and now I know the struggles and the perks about working.

I have had a brilliant time working here and have had the chance to:

  • Advertise jobs
  • Look at CVs
  • Interview
  • File
  • Work at reception
  • Talk to people on the phone
  • Look through newspapers for jobs

I have also done a lot more tasks; however, these were the main roles.

I have learnt a lot about Rugby Recruitment itself, and how it helps people find candidates for jobs and how companies find people to work. There is also a lot more to it than that; the agency pays the people that they find the jobs for, and the companies pay Rugby Recruitment to find the people.

Throughout, I have been given work to do. I learnt about hard and soft skills, interviews, things you can’t ask at an interview and discrimination. I wrote a job spec for a teacher that included hard skills, soft skills and a job description. Not only this, but I have learnt how a company is structured. It starts off with a high authority person, such as the Managing Director, who tells the next person in authority what to do, it goes further and further down and the message is passed down the line and you are given the instructions what to do. I have also learnt about the Data Protection Act, which states that you must keep everything private at work, and not speak about the names you have seen. It is extremely helpful for me to know about this and it will be highly significant for me in the future.

I also worked in the wages office learning about Time Sheets and adding information onto their accounts computer which worked out people’s wages. I searched candidates CV’s to on on-line job boards to find suitable people for jobs and advertised the jobs onto the job boards.

I highly recommend going here, to Rugby Recruitment, for work experience. The staff here are lovely, laid back, welcoming and supportive. I can’t imagine working with nicer and friendlier people. They have really let me have an insight to daily life. I have learnt so much from being here; I don’t know any other place that would allow me to have the time that I have had and also taught me as much as they have.  I have really enjoyed it here.


Aged 14