Work Experience             (10th July – 14th July)

Work Experience             (10th July – 14th July)

Owen Saunders (Avon Valley)

Doing my work experience at rugby recruitment has been something to remember. This week has been fun and tough because of needing to adapt to this working environment. I came here wanting to learn a lot on how an agency works and I came here with some nerves too but I can happily say that I’ve come out a more confident person with a much better understanding of the recruitment industry.

I’ve had the chance to properly experience the job roles that each person does within this company, I’ve had the chance to interview, work with contracts and write CV’s for people and converting them into pdf.

The part I most enjoyed was posting an advert on a job site which had 41 people applying, 3 of those people were shortlisted for the job and had interviews with 1 person getting the job.  They start working for Rugby Recruitment as of Monday 17th July.

Another highlight of my work experience was getting to know each member on the team for Rugby Recruitment, they’ve all helped me become a more confident person. They all treated me like I was someone that had worked there for a while and have all been so kind and helpful to me.

I’m grateful for everything they’ve done to help me and would recommend Rugby Recruitment as a great place to experience the working world.