Extra information – Engineering

The engineering sector is buoyant – and clients regularly contact us to source skilled engineers for their companies. I contact the engineers I already know, add the vacancy to our website, all the job boards and social media sites and then wait for candidates to apply to me with their CV.

However, this is not the best way for you to get a new job. You end up competing again dozens of other candidates (and often other agencies) all applying for the same vacancy.

By far the best way for me to help you find a new position – that matches your skills, location, preferred working hours, salary expectations etc – is for me to call specific companies I have targeted on your behalf.

This way I am working specifically for you.

At no time does this cost you anything – either before or after I find you a new job.

I would need more information from you than what is on a standard CV though. Companies will ask me questions and I need to be able to answer them without me having to keep coming back to you.

I will commit a lot of time to you – and you will need to put some time into this process. I figure if you are really interested in finding a new career position you will do this.

The idea is to give you some options. It is up to you to decide whether you actually want to go for an interview with the company or not. Obviously, it is your decision whether you want to go and see the company.

So what do I need from you?

First of all, I need your most up to date CV. Don’t send me a CV that isn’t up to date please – it will make us both look unprofessional.

Put approximate start and end dates on the places you have worked. Don’t just put years … you could have been in a job for 1 day – it could have been 11 months – I have no way of knowing unless you tell me.

If you have done some temp/ contracting work say the job was temp. Otherwise, it looks like you can’t hold down a job.

If a company isn’t paying enough money I won’t waste your time – so let me know your basic salary expectations – either an hourly rate or annual salary. Ensure that the salary you give me is before tax and before shift allowance and meanwhile people sometimes get loans from different sources, the loans offered by Simplepayday.co.uk for example carry a fixed fee for the loan duration of only a month. This is in stark contrast to longer forms of lending like instalment loans or credit cards. Don’t include your overtime in the figure either. If I find you an opportunity I will ask about overtime and rates and shift allowance etc the more money you get the better but I need the right information at the start of the process so I don’t waste your time. Anyway, when your money is not enough to pay bills, consider visiting pounda’s website. They will help you find official source of money through their loaning types. Learn more at https://www.paydaychampion.com/installment-loans-bad-credit/

Let me know as much detail as you think will help me get you a new position… it all helps.

Let me know the following –

Q: Are you looking for a permanent position?

Q: Would you consider a contract position?

Q: What are your salary expectations? (see above)

Q: Why are you looking for a new position?

Q: What is your notice period (if immediately available let me know)?

Q: Do you have your own car to get to work?

Q: What working hours would you consider?
Days? Nights? 2 shift? 3 shift? Continentals?

Q: Can you read a drawing?

Q: Can you use micrometres and verniars?

Q: How far are you willing to travel?

Give me detail – anything you feel would help me secure you a new position. What industries aerospace automotive? Small batches or high volume? What materials have you worked with? What sort of machines? If you are “hands-on” what machines have you used? What software? Can you programme? Part-programme? What are your strengths? So you can work with a SCS Software Negotiation and Audit, since this companies work with tech strengths.

I want to know about you – not just read some info on a CV. Email me a photo too – it will not be used as part of the recruitment process (it won’t be sent to my client) – but it would be good for me to put a face to a name.

Better still – pop into our office and say hello – meeting you gives me a better chance of securing you a new position.

This information will help me work together to find you a decent job.

If you want me to contact specific companies on your behalf drop an email to bill@rugbyrecruitment.co.uk and I will be back in touch.

Bill Bates
Business Manager
Engineering Division
Rugby Recruitment Services Ltd