Social Media – Trust Me I Know What I Am Doing

Rugby Recruitment received training today on the use of social media. These days it is so important to use social media to attract new candidates and clients, but not to just use it for the sake of it, but to use it properly. We have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts of course, and some staff use them more than others, but do we use them properly? Things change so fast. We keep reading online about the most effective ways companies use social media. When to Tweet? What to post? How to Vlog? To be honest, it’s hard for me to keep up!

In our training, the subject of blogs came up. The idea of having a blog is brilliant – and we know we should do it – but I wasn’t sure why. I have met lots of people who say they blog, but when you check – they might have done one or two – and then couldn’t be bothered to write any more. And what should I blog about? Why the heck would anyone be interested in what I say?

The trainer asked us about Rugby Recruitment as a company and we explained that we had been supplying temporary and permanent staff to companies in and around the Rugby area for just over 30 years.
“Why didn’t you blog about that?” she asked.
“When have I got time to blog?” I said, “I’m too busy looking for candidates for my clients!”

It dawned on me when I got home that if you are going to work for a brilliant company that has been successfully finding jobs for people in and around the Rugby area for over 30 years, then you really should be telling people about it, no matter how busy you are.

All our staff have been working for Rugby Recruitment for many, many years – at least 3 of them for over 20 years, and we are all experts at what we do. We are really, really good at it.

Recruitment agencies come and go, and we are always coming across new start-ups, so-called “consultants” with just a few years industry experience flipping from job to job and people claiming to be “social media influencers” and yet they only have a few dozen followers. Rugby Recruitment has been the one stable force in the area. A company you can rely on. A company you can trust. Staff who know what they are doing.

It also dawned on me that although social media sites come and go, the things that really matter never change. Things like professionalism, integrity, honesty, trust and values are as important today as they were when Rugby Recruitment first started trading. In this legislative world even more so.

Rugby Recruitment might not use LinkedIn as often as we should. We might not use the right hashtags, and I might forget my Twitter password every now and again, but we will never forget how to treat candidates and clients professionally and courteously. We will continue to do the job properly. We might forget to Tweet about it, but I am sure our social media training will help us with that.

I am sure I will do another blog soon.
I might even Tweet about it.
If I can remember the damn password!

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