Work Experience May 2019

My name is Abbie and I have completed my Work Experience at Rugby Recruitment in May, 2019

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience at Rugby Recruitment and I will definitely remember it! I have had the chance to adapt to a working environment and have got to meet many new people. During my time here I have experienced a variety of different areas and activities in the company such as; working on reception, office work, writing a job spec and interviewing a member of staff, filing, and looking at the process of payroll.

I have learnt about the difference between temporary and permanent job roles and how to advertise them on social media and job sites, and even put one on myself!

I have learnt about how Rugby Recruitment helps candidates to find jobs and how it benefits other companies looking for workers.

I have researched discrimination in the workplace and how it can affect people when looking for a job.

I have investigated competitors in recruitment and how Rugby recruitment could improve their website and social media platforms. I have seen how maths is used in a real life workplace and why it is important. I have had the chance to look at CV’s and have learnt about how data protection is used and why it is important in recruitment and investigated the ways in which recruitment agencies find clients and how they make a profit.

I have seen how to fill out an application form in recruitment and the difference between hard and soft skills and why they are important when getting a job.

I have also learnt about the importance of how to present yourself in an interview and when looking to get a job.

I have also investigated the reasons in which a client would use temp work such as:

–       Making up for holiday and sickness

–       Maternity leave

–       Increase in manufacturing

–       A project or event requires more temporary work

At the end of the week, I sat in a real interview and made notes on how it went. The candidate spoke clearly and made good eye contact. The interviewer asked good both open and closed questions and was responsive. I have learnt about the importance of how to present yourself at an interview.

The staff at Rugby recruitment were lovely and were always ready to help. I had a brilliant time here and I learnt a lot of new skills and did a lot of new things.

Thank you for having me!

-Abbie J